© Sebastian Fröhlich
© Sebastian Fröhlich


NIKOLAUS HABJAN | New CD with songs by Georg Kreisler

Kreisler was born in Vienna in 1922 and fled from the National Socialists with his parents to the USA in 1938. In the 1950s, he returned to Europe as an American citizen and wrote numerous songs that are still famous today (»Poisoning pigeons in the park«, »Death, that must be a Viennese«), which he performed in an inimitable way, accompanying himself on the piano.

His work has lost none of its topicality to this day. The much sought-after puppeteer and actor Nikolaus Habjan and the East Tyrolian Musicbanda Franui prove this impressively on this album. Because even ten years after his death, Kreisler proves to be a real prophet: his sharp-tongued, merciless diagnoses of the times can be applied one-to-one to the current world situation and can be found in his well-known “Everblacks” such as “Poisoning pigeons in the park”, “Biddla Buh" or "The State Official" as well as in less common songs like "Man has to go" or "My freedom, your freedom". – “I will tell you what I consider to be free these days,” it says, “to leave things as they are.”

The CD and a strictly limited special edition of it - with a thread-stitched 80-page booklet with original contributions (e.g. by Eva Menasse), a poster signed by all the artists and numerous other extras - have been available in shops and on all common streaming platforms since July 1st, or directly at the label col legno.

The album will be presented as part of the joint concert by Nikolaus Habjan and Franui on July 9th at Vienna's Theater im Park. You can find more information on this on the left.

NIKOLAUS HABJAN & FRANUI | Alles nicht wahr
NIKOLAUS HABJAN & FRANUI | Alles nicht wahr

July 9th | Theater im Park am Belvedere | 8pm
Album presentation and concert