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We Create Culture ...BEHIND THE SCENES!

Every year, more than 40 Austrian artist management agencies enable thousands of national and international artists to appear on classical music stages throughout the entire country.

We agents are the essential interface between artists and concert presenters. Our work contributes to keeping the classical music business afloat; it goes far beyond simple booking.

The ban on events instituted by law on March 10, 2020 has wiped out our entire revenue. A gradual return to business as usual is not on or even the near horizon. A realistic and rapid strategy and timeline for a return of performances is lacking, and therefore we have no perspective on how and when we may resume our business activities.

We demand that politicians and public institutions recognize the cultural sector as essential.

We demand the creation of an expert committee to evaluate and revise the economic and organizational framework conditions for opera houses and the concert business. As experts in mediation, we wish to be actively involved in this process.

We demand the implementation of a catalogue of measures to secure the survival of Austrian artist management agencies. Our draft has already been delivered to the Ministry.

We demand differentiated measures to support artists who are not receiving fees contractually agreed upon, due to the closure of opera houses and concert halls, because of “force majeure” clauses.

The classical music business is a multi-faceted ecosystem.
Only by including all its organisms in support measures can this habitat survive the coronavirus crisis.

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