Michael Schade © Daniela Matejschek
Michael Schade © Daniela Matejschek



An unusual new concert series in times when the opera and concert business has practically ground to a standstill? In times that leave so many questions unanswered?
The answer is: yes, certainly! “Michael Schades” aims to open hearts when doors close, enabling both artists and audiences to enjoy unique concert moments. Those longing to return to the stage are given a chance to be heard. And those yearning to experience the arts and culture directly are invited to enjoy musical and culinary highlights in an intimate setting – while keeping sufficient distance. The project is dedicated first and foremost to the exciting stars of the younger generation whose professional start and rise has been interrupted so abruptly. Michael Schade would like to focus the spotlight of attention on them, ensuring that there is a culturally rich tomorrow.

Michael Schade, the initiator of this series, has chosen four special locations in Lower Austria, where he will introduce musical treasures and new discoveries in four unique, small-scale concert programmes, appearing himself as host and singer. In addition to musical enjoyment, this concert series also features culinary delights – gastronomic offerings in the four different locations range from an aperitif to a menu of several courses created by the three-star chef Uwe Machreich of the award-winning restaurant Triad.


Kartenbüro von Mo – Fr von 09:00 – 15:00 Uhr
Wachau Kultur Melk GmbH
Jakob-Prandtauer-Straße 11 · 3390 Melk
T +43 (0) 2752 540 60

MICHAEL SCHADE | Schubert: "An den Mond" D 259
MICHAEL SCHADE | Schubert: "An den Mond" D 259


5. September 2020 | 03.30pm & 06.30pm
ATZENBRUGG | Schloss Aumühle
Kreisler meets McCormack
Michael Schade, tenor
Sophie Druml, violin
Kristin Okerlund, piano

3. Oktober 2020 | 15.30 & 18.30 Uhr
MISTELBACH | Nitsch Museum
Habedere - Schrammeln, Wein und Gesang
Daniela Fally, soporano
Michael Schade, moderation

7. November 2020 | 18.30 Uhr
BAD SCHÖNAU | Sconarium
Liebesg’schichten & kulinarische Genüsse
Exlusive Gala-Evening with Schumann, Brahms and
a Gala-Dinner
Miriam Kutrowatz, soprano
Michael Schade, tenor
Justus Zeyen, piano

12. Dezember 2020 | 15.30 & 18.30 Uhr
DÜRNSTEIN | Stift Dürnstein
Christmas Musik.Salon
with traditionsl austrian and international Christmas Carols