Laura Aikin © Fabrizia Costa
Laura Aikin © Fabrizia Costa


LAURA AIKIN in "Der Schauspieldirektor" at the Mozart Week

Two singspiels from different periods of Mozart’s creative life are combined in this production of the Salzburg Marionette Theatre, a revival from the Mozart Year of 2006:
Bastien und Bastienne, his first stage work written at the age of 12, and Der Schauspieldirektor, created 18 years later, in which Mozart takes a humorous view of theatre life. Laura Aikin embodies the singer Madame Herz, who is locked in a relentless battle with her competitor Mademoiselle Silberklang, as both of them lay claim to the prima donna roles (and treatment). Apparently, jealousy regarding fees and recognition was likely to ruin opera directors’ peace of mind even in Mozart’s day. Finally, however, all turns out for the best, and in the final scene, all the protagonists agree that no one should claim superiority over others and only the audience should decide who is the best.