An Evening of Quartets by Schubert and Brahms in Vienna

Be they dialogues or in unison, resembling opera, scenes from a singspiel or choral music: Franz Schubert’s Vocal Duets, Trios and Quartets showcase the entire breadth of his creative powers. Written for his circle of friends, these short vocal ensembles express a mastery and freedom designed to take any listener’s heart by storm… for this is singing for the sheer pleasure of it, as indicated by titles such as Des Tages WeiheLebenslust or Der Hochzeitsbraten

Finally, the programme is rounded out by the Liebeslieder-Walzer op. 52 & 65 by Johannes Brahms – long-time favourites of the romantic repertoire.

The quartett Julia Kleiter, Anke Vondung, Werner Güra und Paul Armin Edelmann will be accompanied by the pianists Christoph Berner and Camillo Radicke.