Marlis Petersen © Yiorgos Mavropoulos
Marlis Petersen © Yiorgos Mavropoulos


MARLIS PETERSEN presenting the CD "Innerworld"

“Do we have enough time, and do we take enough time to sit down and reflect what a great life we have?” Thus Marlis Petersen writes in the booklet of her new album. The German soprano has decided to fight the relentlessness of our hectic world: Dimensionen is the title of her tripartite CD project which she began two years ago and now completes. Following the albums Welt and Anderswelt, the classical music star now presents Innenwelt (Inner World).

With the album Innenwelt, Marlis Petersen takes us from the here and now into the mysterious realm of visions and dreams, into the subconscious of the soul, into the night, where thoughts, wishes and feelings arise. Night and dreams - inner movement - salvation and homecoming, those are the titles of the album’s sections. In addition to some composers already featured on the other CDs, the listener now also finds French masters, with their very own “mouvement intérieur”. Richard Strauss also finally enters the trilogy, combined with a premiere, the new arrangement of the third of his Vier letzte Lieder by Gregor Hübner. Beginning with Schubert, the range of composers reaches well into the 20th century, and it is worth rediscoving some of them entirely. The musical journey leads us into the hidden worlds of existence, directly into the workshop of the soul.

The newspaper Wiener Zeitung found some highly appropriate words: Her legato phrases shimmer like glass; her arching melodies have inner tension and poignancy without ever neglecting beautiful sound. Not least, Petersen makes room for the imagination by carefully controlling her voice. The music, accompanied by pianist Stephan Matthias Lademann, seems to flow naturally, and in sum, this album forms a large entity: in subject and key, the 23 songs are painstakingly attuned to each other. Among the most noteworthy are rarities by Hans Sommer, Karl Weigl and Gabriel Fauré. (Wiener Zeitung, Christoph Irrgeher, September 16, 2019)

The album was released on September 20, 2019 by the label Solo-Musica.

Marlis Petersen, Soprano
Stephan Matthias Lademann, Piano
Title: Dimensionen Innenwelt
Catalogue No.: SM 316 Date of Publication: 20.09.2019

Listen to the full album on Spotify – or click here for a video giving you a sample of the masterful album Innenwelt:

MARLIS PETERSEN | Strauss: "Beim Schlafengehen" - Dimensionen Innenwelt
MARLIS PETERSEN | Strauss: "Beim Schlafengehen" - Dimensionen Innenwelt