Katrin Wundsam © Rupert Larl
Katrin Wundsam © Rupert Larl


KATRIN WUNDSAM at the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music

For the conductor and discoverer Alessandro De Marchi, performances of operas by Mercadante and his contemporaries offer "an illuminating insight every time: that the musical ideas of this Italian era only have their full effect when hearing the original sound. The sound is more delicate; the musicians tend to think along chamber-music lines in historically informed performance practice, so that the vocal idiom is much more clearly recognizable.” (Quote from the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music)

It is astonishing how Saverio Mercadante’s two-act dramma per musica – Didone Abbandonata, which was premiered in 1823 at the Teatro Regio in Turin and is now accessible to a modern audience as well, thanks to the leading team of Alessandro De Marchi and Jürgen Flimm, at the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music – anticipates the characteristics of classical Italian melodramma of the 19th century. Katrin Wundsam plays the central role of the Trojan hero Aeneas. 

Saverio Mercadante: DIDONE ABBANDONATA

Viktorija Miškūnaité, Didone
Katrin Wundsam, Enea
Carlo Allemano, Jarba
Pietro Di Bianco, Osmida
Diego Godoy, Araspe
Emilie Renard, Selene

Alessandro De Marchi, Music Director
Jürgen Flimm, Director
Magdalena Gut, Sets
Kristina Bell, Costumes
Claudio Chiavazza, Chorus Master
Academia Montis Regalis
Coro Maghini